Over the past two years, a qualitative shift has occurred in the domestic market for logistics – a change in philosophy and logistical thinking. If previous logistics are seen as modern foreign science, a beautiful fairy tale about another life, etc. Over the past two years, many companies have realized that this is a real tool to improve business efficiency. The active participation of Ukrainian enterprises in global supply chains, the entry of domestic manufacturers to international markets, the consequences of hostilities, etc., made the senior management of industrial, agricultural, commercial and service enterprises pay attention to their business logistics, and the organization of logistics operations (procurement, production and distribution) also the possibility of reducing Their logistics costs through effective cooperation (partnership) with logistics operators. The result of this change has been an increase in the quality requirements of the logistics provided, guarantees of reliable delivery of goods, safety of goods and transparency of business operations. We can also observe an increase in the level of organization, a marked increase in the use of information technology, and the complexity of logistics delivery.

In recent years, the postal logistics sector has grown significantly, not least because of the expansion of services and the improvement of service quality, mainly by sector leaders. The logistics market for contracts has changed markedly with the advent of integrated logistics, as well as the provision of loyalty services to online stores. It should be noted that the shipment of goods turns into a logistical service for the owners of shipments.

Thus, we can say that this year we are witnessing a change in the global trend of logistics in Ukraine towards sustainable and high-quality development. This will allow the realization of Ukraine’s huge logistical potential, and the transformation of logistics into a branch of the national economy, which, by analogy with Germany, can become budget-oriented and export-oriented. Ukraine has every chance to become one of the most logistically developed countries in the world. Logistics must become the driving force of the Ukrainian economy, which will reach our country to a new level.

Logistics in Ukraine as a business has become very popular. Competition is growing.
Over the past ten years, the logistics market has developed successfully and efficiently. The fact that the 2014 crisis did not affect the volume of freight transport speaks of a well-built logistical chain for all commercial structures.
Logistics in Ukraine as a business has become very popular. Competition is growing.
You have to know that the logistics market consists of rail, sea and air transport. Each has its own directions.

For example, the volume of railway traffic is changing due to the country’s economic and political situation. Land transport is more stable, but is segmented into segments that work differently at different times. The basic part is full shipping and combined goods. Mail transport occupies a much smaller segment. Moreover, the shipping sector weighing up to 30 kg is the most sophisticated. Such a picture will be committed for 10 years, according to experts, until the size of the markets of Ukraine and Central Europe equal.

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