The main achievement of the Ukrainian meat market in 2017 was to increase meat production. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the general manufacturing companies ended with an index of 990 thousand tons (fresh, chilled and frozen poultry, without waste).

This is the best result since 2017. Moreover, the production of poultry meat in Ukraine over the past 15 years has increased by about 6 times. Recall that in 2017, manufacturing companies did not reach 170 thousand tons. This takes into account by-products, which account for about one-tenth of the total production volume. Only in 2009 in Ukraine the production of poultry meat exceeded 730 thousand tons, that is, approached the indicators today.

In fact, other poultry such as chicken, turkey, geese, ducks and guinea birds of all three variations – fresh, chilled and frozen – in 2017 in Ukraine, according to the State Statistics Service, produced less than two thousand tons.

In a similar situation with other “alternative” meat – fresh and chilled lamb, Ukrainian companies produced less than 300 tons in 2017, and horse meat – 20 tons, etc. But the production of turkey poultry grew rapidly and doubled over 7 years – from 9 thousand. Tons of fresh and chilled carcasses in Turkey in 2017 to 22.3 thousand tons in 2016. Although this represents only 2% of total poultry meat production. In addition, in recent years, the number of turkeys in Ukraine has fallen rapidly – from 2.1 million animals in 2015 to 1.6 million animals in 2017.

Another distinctive feature of Ukrainian “meat” novelty is the gradual increase in the share of poultry meat in the total volume of production. Over the past seven years, the share of poultry meat (in total production of poultry, beef and offal) increased by 2% – up to 67%.

Growth seems small. But compared to 2016, the changes are enormous. According to the State Statistics Service, 15 years ago, poultry meat (fresh, chilled, frozen and offal) accounted for slightly more than 30%.

It is noteworthy that the proportion of poultry meat increased only as a result of reduced production of beef.

Moreover, poultry meat production is growing, albeit with periodic fluctuations. But beef production in Ukraine is declining almost continuously. During the past ten years, there was only one exception to this sad rule – production growth in 2013. In 2017, beef production (fresh, chilled and frozen) fell again – from 76.1 thousand tons to 69.9 thousand tons.

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