Ukraine is a country rich in agriculture, it occupies an advanced rank in agriculture and is an exporter of many kinds of cereals and other products, especially grain quantities for export significantly

Plant cultivation activities in Ukraine include cultivation of agricultural land and the production of cereals and oilseeds to meet their growing special needs and for sale.

Land is planted in Ukraine:

37 thousand hectares in Sumy, Kiev, Vinnytsia, Ternopol, Khmelnitsky, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipropetrovsk and other regions. Grows corn, sunflower, wheat, barley, oats, corn and rapeseed.

Corn and sunflower seeds are used in feed mills; wheat, rapeseed, soybeans and other crops are sold.

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, intensive investments, the use of best land cultivation practices in the world, a strong management team and the correct geographic location of the land (optimum rainfall, land quality, etc.), and indicators of the effectiveness of land cultivation, namely: increase profits from cultivation of each hectare exceed Much previous years of Ukraine.

Growing our crops is one of the most important components of the integrated business model. Grains from special production are used to manufacture animal feed for poultry and livestock.

Lets produce crops to meet 100% of market needs and maintain tight control over biological safety and quality. The export of grain brings to Ukraine additional income in the form of foreign exchange earnings, which hedges the risk of currency fluctuation in a “natural” way.

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