Shipping services

Freight forwarders provide customers with services in accordance with the requirements of Ukraine and the countries through which the goods are transported, in accordance with the list of services specified in the rules for the implementation of freight forwarding activities, as well as other services specified by the parties to the contract of carriage.

Shipping services are offered to the customer when exporting from Ukraine, import to Ukraine, transit through the territory of Ukraine or other countries, and internal transport through the territory of Ukraine.

Freight forwarders on behalf of customers:
• Provision of optimal transport services;
The regulation of the transport of goods by various means of transport through the territory of Ukraine and foreign countries in accordance with the terms of the agreements (concluded in accordance with the requirements of international rules for the interpretation of the terms of “international trade terms”
Shipping includes ships and other vehicles and ensures delivery to ports, railway stations, warehouses, terminals or other installations formations for the timely departure of cargo;
• Carry out work related to acceptance, storage, milling, refining, sorting, storage, storage and transportation of goods.
Maintain records of the arrival and departure of goods from ports, railway stations, warehouses, terminals or other facilities;
Regulation of the protection of goods during transport, shipment and storage;
• regulation of the examination of goods;
• Registration of goods transport Documents and their distribution by affiliation;
Providing, as provided by law, for participants in requests for transport activities for the shipment of goods and delivery orders;
• Ensure that a range of measures are in place to dispatch goods that have reached a substandard state with defective, damaged, fragile, nonstandard or non-standardized counterfeiting;
Cargo insurance and liability;
• Provide training and additional equipment for vehicles and goods in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory laws of the person involved in the mode of transport concerned;
• Optimization of the flow of material from the shipper to the consignee in order to achieve minimum expenditures;
• Agreements with ports and transport organizations for the transport, transit and storage of goods;
• Prepare documents and organize work according to customs and quarantine requirements;
• Provision of transport for additional equipment in accordance with the requirements of the law;

• Provide other freight and clearance services related to freight forwarding, which are provided under the Freight Forwarding Agreement and do not conflict with the law.

Transport contract Transport and implementation
In accordance with the contract of carriage, one party (freight agent) shall pay at the expense of the other party (the customer) and at its expense to perform or arrange the execution of the services specified in the contract for the carriage of goods.

Shipping contract concluded in writing.
The prerequisites for a transfer forwarding agreement are:
Information about Parties to the Convention:
• Legal entities: name, place and identity code in the State Register of Institutions and the Authority of Ukraine;
For legal entities – non-residents of Ukraine: name, place and country in which the person was registered;
For individuals – citizens of Ukraine: surname, name, will, address of residence and personal identification number in the State register of individuals – taxpayers and other mandatory payments;
For individuals – aliens, stateless: last name, first name, beneficiary (if any), address of residence outside Ukraine;
• Type of shipping agent service;
• Type and name of goods;
Rights and obligations of the parties;
Liability of the parties, including in case of damage caused by force majeure;
• Size of freight forwarder fee
• Settlement procedures;
Departure points and destination;
• Conduct coordinate changes in route, mode of transport, customer instruction;
• Duration of the contract ;
All those conditions which, at the request of at least one of the parties, must be reached.
Foreign economic agreements (contracts) relating to the transfer of transport shall comply with the requirements of legislation relating to foreign economic activity.

For the systematic provision of freight forwarder services, long-term recharge agreements can be concluded.

Under the Freight Forwarding Agreement, freight forwarders can arrange the transportation of many different customer shipments from one departure point or to one destination, provided that the freight forwarder acts on behalf of all these customers as a shipper.

The shipping agent considers the money paid by the customer to the shipping agent for the proper implementation of the transport agreement.

The freight forwarder’s fees do not include the freight forwarder’s expenses for payment of services (labor) to other persons involved in the implementation of the Forwarding Agreement, for the payment of fees (mandatory payments) to be paid upon fulfillment of the Forwarding Agreement.
Confirmation of freight forwarder’s expenses are documents (accounts, invoices, etc.) issued by the business entities involved in the implementation of the contract of carriage, or by the authorities.

Transport of goods is accompanied by transport documents in the language of international communication, depending on the mode of transport chosen or in the language of the State, if the goods are transported in Ukraine.

These documents may include:
• Air Waybill;
• SMGS shipment note (UMVD shipment note);
• Shipping Policy ;
• CIM charging note (SIM);
• Paper goods;
Other documents determined by the laws of Ukraine.

• The fact that the shipping agent service is provided during transport is confirmed by a single transport document or a set of documents (railway, automobile, air waybill, bill of lading, etc.) that reflect the route of the goods from the point of dispatch to their destination.

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