Ukraine’s soybean segment is one of the most dynamic and promising sectors due to high demand in domestic and foreign markets.
Although soybean production declined in 2017, in the near future, the growth trend of oilseed production will continue,
According to experts, it will reach 4.84 million tons in 2020. Meanwhile, analysts predict that Ukraine will be able to hit record highs this season of 1.3 million tons of soybeans, reaching a third of the total harvest.
At the same time, the production of organic soybeans and its processed products has become increasingly promising for business, giving Ukraine the ability to develop organic production.

Soybean (Latin – Glycine Max) is an annual herbaceous plant, a kind of genus of soybean (glycine) from the legume family.
Planted soybean seeds, sometimes called “soybeans”, is a widespread product known in the third millennium BC.

Soy is characterized by the following features that make it very popular:

• high productivity;
• high (up to 50%) full protein;
• presence in the composition of B vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and alpha-linolenic);
Possible prevention of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, as well as some hormone-dependent forms of cancer;
Does not contain cholesterol and contains a very low percentage of sodium and saturated fat;
• Has the characteristics to produce a wide range of diverse products from it.

In this regard, soybeans are often used as a cheap and beneficial alternative to meat and dairy products,

Not only by low-income people, but simply by people who refused meat for various reasons.

DSTU 4964: 2008 must comply with the conditions:

% Humidity, not more than 12

Weed impurities, not more than 3%.

Protein content in dry matter, no more than 30%

Obviously, with these unique characteristics, soybeans are the most demanding agricultural product. Moreover, modern cooking techniques will make it possible to produce analogue dishes from soybeans. At the same time, the nutritional value of such dishes is by no means inferior, and sometimes higher than the characteristics of natural meat.

Amazingly, even symmetry can be made from a combination of soy, and omelet from soybean powder is no worse than an omelet. The modern canning industry uses when necessarily using high-quality products soy additives.

The production of dairy products is also accompanied by the use of various soy ingredients. However, soy is a food product with anti-sclerotic properties. So, if you don’t grow yourself, many are trying to buy soybeans today. The phosphatides (lasin and phenyl) found in soy beans have a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the human body.

Soy is basically a waste-free plant. All that remains after processing is suitable for feeding animals while at the same time feeding valuable. Of course, the trunks and leaves of the plant do not disappear and go to the production of animal feed, meals and other feed types.

Soybean cake is a useful remedy for almost all domestic animals and birds. It contains the same substances found in the same soybeans, only in smaller quantities. Finally, soybeans are very resistant to weeds. More precisely, he is simply not allowed to grow next to him.

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