Wheat is the genus of herbal grains annuals.

Of the leading grain crops in many countries, including Ukraine.

Wheat is the oldest and most important cereal crop. Its main purpose is to get wheat flour.

Due to the ability of a grain of wheat to form gluten, high quality bread can be obtained from wheat.

In addition, wheat is used to produce pasta, starch, alcohol, bran and straw as animal feed.

The value of grain milling lies in the ability to obtain a high yield of flour of certain types with minimal energy consumption for milling.

To properly evaluate the properties of wheat milling, use the indicators:

Flour yield; color, ash and flour content; grain milling duration;

A Based on quality indicators, soft wheat is divided into 6 categories (Categories 1 – 3 – Group,

And categories 4 – 5 and 6.

Group A uses soft wheat for food (flour and bread making) and export needs.

Group B and grade VI wheat are used for food, non-food and export needs.

Soft wheat grains of all categories should be in a healthy state, ripe and without any damage from heat during drying;

It has a characteristic odor for healthy pills (without mold odor, damaged odor, wormwood odor and other unpleasant odors);

It has a natural color without grain lesions like wheat inflammation.

Quality indicators, soft wheat grade 2, DSTU 3768: 2010. “A” according to the standard

Mass, not less than 740 g / l;

Glass, not less than 40%;

Humidity, no more than 14%;

Grain mixture, no more than 8%;

Grass impurities, no more than 2%;

Protein mass fraction in terms of dry matter, not less than 12.5%;

Mass gluten mass fraction, not less than 23.0%;

Free from pests, harmful and toxic substances, odors and mold.

Producer: Ukraine

The main use of these cereals is the food industry, where flour and cereals are produced from cereals – wheat and semolina, as well as starch, which, in addition to their use in the daily diet of the population, are also widely used in industrial production of bakeries, pasta and confectionery. Wheat beans are also involved in alcohol production.

In animal husbandry, from feed meals, after additional fertilization, a biologically active additive is obtained, which is used as an additional feed for livestock. Along with feed meals, wheat bran, consisting of unsorted flour and husks of wheat grains, is widely used in animal husbandry as an additive to the diet of pregnant cows and ewes.

Wheat, along with oil, is the most important thing in international trade. In the global market, the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia, Russia and Argentina occupy leading positions in the export volume of this crop. In Ukraine, a combination of favorable climatic factors and the highest quality of land resources constitute the ideal conditions for the growth of high yields of these grains.

In the structure of grain production in our country, the share of these grains more than 50%. Large quantities of domestic production, combined with stable external demand, have helped to establish wheat exports from Ukraine as a potential leader in the global grain export arena: Today, Ukraine’s seeding area is over 6 million hectares with an average gross yield of 16 million tons. in the year.

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